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Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Handle Precaution


1.Please use the qualified equipment to charge and discharge the batteries, and following the correct instructions.

2.Do not use the batteries of different types supplied by different manufacturers together.

3.Do not use the old and new batteries together.

4.Do not charge or discharge the hot, inflation, distorted or electrolyte-leakage batteries.

5.Do not let the battery over-charge or over-discharge.

6.Do not connect the positive and negative polarities by metallic conductor or connect them together.

7.Do not stab the batteries by a metal pin, beating, treading, fold or impacting by other ways.

8.Do not leave, charge or use the battery in a car or similar place where inside of temperature maybe over 60℃.

9.Do not charge the batteries reversely.

10.Do not disassemble the battery or modify the battery design including electric circuit.

11.Do not use the damaged batteries (the sealing edge was damaged, the outside pvc was damaged, the electrolyte leakage, and etc.). If the batteries is heating when using, stop charging or discharge immediately, it may avoid unnecessary damage.


1.Electrolyte is harmful. In case the electrolyte come into contact with the skin, or eyes, physicians shall flush the electrolyte immediately with fresh water and medical advice is to be sought.

2.Batteries shall never be soaked with liquids such as water, seawater, drinks such as soft drinks, juices, coffee or others.

3.The inspection for IQC of custom should be done within 7 days after the batteries have been received.

4.If single cell voltage is less than 2.5V, and can not be charged to 3.0V with current 0.2C with 1hr, then should stop charging, and the battery should not be used again.

5.The batteries stored beyond three months should be charged to 3.7-3.9V/cell with constant current at 0.5C.

6.If there is any abnormal problem such as unidentified heating, expansion and peculiar smell, please contact with us.

7.Li-ion cells without pcm protection belong to the engineer type. They should be used or assembly by the professional or trained persons.

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