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Nickle and Lithium material price in the international market.


March, 31th is the last day on March, 1/4 year in 2022.  The politicians in the whole world are staring nervously at the trendy of Ukraine War. Chinese people are shocked by the crazy raising of nickel price in the short time. Lithium material Is still in the raising at the higher position. It is a very hard year for the batteries people.

“Nickel futures were changing hands around the $32,500-per-ton level, having topped the $100,000 mark earlier this month amid a vicious short squeeze as China’s Tsingshan Holding Group, one of the world’s top producers, bought large amounts to hedge its short bets on the metal. Aside from the chaotic price action, fundamentals in the nickel complex continue to be supported by Western sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, which sparked concerns over the metal supply.”

“Lithium carbonate prices in China were at 497,500 yuan/ton in late March, marking an 80% gain so far in 2022 amid soaring global demand and supply scarcity. The petrol price raising takes the aid the booming demand of electric vehicles. After rising 157% to 3.2 million units in 2021, electric vehicle sales in China are expected to cross 5 million in 2022. Also, Deloitte forecasts a 29% compound annual growth in electric vehicle sales, totalling 32% of new car sales by 2030. At the same time, reports from Mineral Benchmark Intelligence indicate that Chinese lithium inventories remain low. The difficulty for miners to find new sources or develop new technologies to source lithium from brines make producers unable to match higher demand. Lithium’s supply deficit is estimated to expand to 26,000 in 2022 and 300,000 by 2030.


Data from TradingEconomics
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